Can you hear the call?

Am I Called?

All of us our on a journey – from the moment of our conception to the moment of our death  - and beyond…Just as for the person on a ship or the person walking down the street, we continually move forward on the voyage of our lives. At different stages of life different tendencies might dominate: obedience and learning or over-confidence or a tentative stepping forward, for example. In our relationship with God, we are called, like children, to a deeper sense of trust in Him. As The Good Shepherd, Christ invites us to follow Him, to rely upon Him, to hand over control to Him – in order that we might grow in freedom and be led to green pastures.

How do we learn, though, to listen for and recognise His voice? Certainly, we need to take the time to listen, look , slow down, reflect and go beyond our superficial desires to listen to the Lord who calls to us in the depth of our being. Each of us needs time to realise that God may be (in fact, He most certainly is) calling each and every one of us! “Come, follow me!”

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