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Our Community

The Church of St Patrick’s, East Ilsley shares a flourishing programme of social activities, liturgical celebrations, charity fundraising, and spiritual and support groups for parishoners, with its sister Church, St Mary’s, East Hendred.

For those new to the area and interested in visiting or joining one of our Churches, here you can find out how to Join the Parish as well as links to local area information including our nearby Catholic schools.

For existing parishioners, here you can access the latest Newsletters, the Parish Diary, look up key contacts in the Parish Directory, and read the latest parish_diary.htm happenings in the Church’s Youth community.

Bishop Crispian presented well earned Diocesan Medals to 4  wonderful parishioners of the
St Patrick, Parish - & something for the altar servers as well!

Rose Millett, Vic Horgan,  Maureen Eyston and Diana Tuson

In recognition of their dedication and completion of training as altar servers, the Bishop also presented Guild of St Stephen medals.

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