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Our Sister church, St John's, Wallingford

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Our wider Catholic Community' in the Thames Isis Pastoral Area,

Portsmouth Diocese

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Key Contacts

Fr Phillip Pennington Harris
01235 812338

Parish Secretary:

Mrs Joanna Robins

15 Manor Crescent,    Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

Tel: 01235 812338

Hospital Chaplains
Advice about going into hospital


Parish Directory


Here you can find a list of key Parish contacts to help with any enquiry you may have.


Priest in Charge: Fr Phillip Harris                                                                                        

Address: 15 Manor Crescent
Didcot OX11 7AJ
Telephone: 01235 812338
E-mail: didcot@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk

Parish Secretary: Mrs Joanna Robins
Parish Office: In the Presbytery
Open Tues-Fri mornings

Pastoral Group Chairman: Yvonne Cutler-Greaves

Catholic Primary School: St Amand's Primary School
St Mary’s Road
East Hendred
Oxon OX12 8LF
Telephone: 01235 833342
E-mail: office3855@stamands.oxon.sch.uk

Churches Together in Didcot: Nicola Williams
Website: www.ctdd.org.uk

CAFOD: Chris Clifford

Thames Isis Pastoral Information: Fr J <McGrath
Telephone: 01235 520375
Child Protection: Kath Oldham

FairTrade: Doug Henderson

Groundsman: John Elsley


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