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Fr Phillip Pennington Harris
01235 812338

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Mrs Joanna Robins

15 Manor Crescent,    Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

Tel: 01235 812338

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Our Catholic School

St Amand’s Catholic Primary school

St Amand’s Catholic Primary school is situated in the village of East Hendred and serves the parishes of Didcot, East Hendred and Wantage.

St Mary's Road
East Hendred
OX12 8LF

Tel: 01235 833342 - Out of hours: 07518 029331
Fax: 01235 861320

The Catholic faith is central in all aspects of school life. At St Amand’s we aim to provide a high standard of academic achievement, in an environment which upholds strong moral and Catholic values. We want our children to feel happy, safe and secure. The atmosphere at school reflects this, with a relaxed and caring environment in which the children can learn effectively. At all times we aim to:

  • Develop the children’s awareness of God and Creation and their place in that creation
  • Develop self respect and confidence
  • Help children learn that the concern and respect of others, good manners, courtesy, self-discipline and a caring attitude are essential qualities
  • Show children the value of working together
  • Encourage children to ask relevant questions and to think for themselves
  • Strive for academic excellence with each child working at his or her own level
  • Help children to communicate effectively in speech and writing and to encourage a love of books and reading
  • Ensure each child is given a sound understanding of mathematical skills and how to apply these in relevant situations.
  • Stimulate children’s natural curiosity through scientific studies involving observation, experimentation and the recording of their results
  • Encourage each child to develop his or her talents through music, drama, art, craft and physical activities
  • Make children aware of the world around them through projects and related studies

St Amand was born in Poitou in western France in about 583AD. He became a monk, first on an island off the west coast of France and then at Bourges in central France

In 628 he was ordained bishop. Although sometimes called the Bishop of Maastricht, he had no fixed see, and preached the Gospel in what is now Belgium and northern France. For the last few years of his life Amand was Abbott of the monastery in a town called Elnon in northern France, very near the Belgian border, which is now known as St Amand. He died in about 675. The chapel of Hendred House and our school are the only places in England dedicated to St Amand. His feast day is 6th February.


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We are always looking for volunteers to act as ‘welcomers’ before Mass. This simply entails greeting people as they enter the church, and handing out hymn-books. If you think you could help, please contact Camilla King via the parish office.