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Our sister church, St John's, Wallingford

Portsmouth Diocese

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Sunday & Weekday Masses at English Martyrs and other churches in the area

Key Contacts

Fr Phillip Pennington Harris
01235 812338

Parish Secretary:

Mrs Joanna Robins

15 Manor Crescent,    Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

Tel: 01235 812338

Hospital Chaplains
Advice about going into hospital



Lectio divina

  • Lectio divina means “divine reading” or “spiritual reading”. It is a way of reading the Bible. It makes your reading a prayer. It is not Bible Study. You do not need to be a theologian, or even know much about the Bible at all.

  • Lectio divina helps you to see how the Holy Spirit, speaking to you through the Bible, has something to say to you about your life. It is a way for God to let you know and feel His love and care for you.

  • Lectio divina has been used in daily prayer by the Church for centuries, by both religious and lay.

Lectio Divina at English Martyrs and St John’s

During Lent and Advent, we also use a resource developed especially for people new to Lectio Divina, or who like a bit of guidance to get started. It is based on the Sunday Mass readings. You can download the weekly readings below, or you can buy the book for £4 from St John's or English Martyrs Churches.

We do Lectio Divina by ourselves, with a friend, with our families or in a group.


Outside of Lent and Advent you can get hold of the Book these sheets come from:                                        

Free download:  various languages

Buy the book:  (English, only, at present)

The readings are also in the Catholic Herald every week.

Why not give it a go?!


Bible Society

 Bible Society began in 1804 as the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Today our vision of making the Bible heard around the world continues.

With the help of our supporters and churches and a network of over 140 national Bible Societies we share the challenge of fighting Bible poverty.