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Fr Phillip Pennington Harris
01235 812338

Parish Secretary:

Mrs Joanna Robins

15 Manor Crescent,    Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

Tel: 01235 812338

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Please find below information about the Ministry of the Eucharist, the Ministry of the Word, and the Guild of St Stephen (Altar Servers) within the Parish of English Martyrs, Didcot.

Eucharistic Ministers

The selection of Eucharistic Ministers is the responsibility of the Parish Priest, who as far as possible appoints people to represent a fair cross-section of the Parish in terms of class, ethnic origin and sex, so that they may be a true representation of the Parish as a whole.

When fulfilling their duty, the Eucharistic Minister should not fulfil any other liturgical function at that Mass e.g. reader or server. Eucharistic Ministers attend a course of training sessions in the Diocese which are approved by the Bishop.

If you are interested in finding out more about the process of becoming a Eucharistic Minister, please contact Father David O’Sullivan directly.


The Readings at all Masses at English Martyrs are undertaken by a group of volunteers – usually two readers for each Mass. Volunteers are always welcome and training is available. If you would like to become a reader, please contact Chris Wilson via Parish Office.

Altar Servers

The Guild of St Stephen (Altar Servers)

Altar Servers

Any parishioner can participate in a more meaningful way at Mass by becoming an Altar Server. It is one of the lay ministries of the Church and provides an opportunity to explore a new path for growing closer to God.

Being an Altar Server involves preparing the altar and sanctuary with all the sacred vessels and accessories necessary for the Priest to say Mass and assist the Priest during the Mass itself.

Children are welcome to become Altar Servers once they have received their First Holy Communion. Please contact Father David O’Sullivan directly for more information or to register your interest.


Faith Notices

Pope Benedict
To summarise with the words of Pope Benedict that succinctly sum up what we believe

"Our faith is not born from a myth or an idea, but from an encounter with the Risen One, in the life of the Church."
Pope Benedict XVI: General Audience 24 September 2008 

“It is becoming more and more difficult, in our Western societies, to speak in a meaningful way of 'salvation, yet salvation - deliverance from the reality of evil, and the gift of new life and freedom in Christ - is at the heart of the Gospel.”
Pope Benedict XVI: Meeting with American Bishops, Washington DC 16 April 2008
“Christianity is not a new philosophy or new morality. [And] we are Christians only if we encounter Christ.”

Pope Benedict XVI: Wednesday Audience 3 September 2008