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Sunday & Weekday Masses at St John the Evangelist and other churches in the area

Key Contacts

Parish Priest:
Fr Phillip Pennington Harris


Parish Secretary:

Mrs Joanna Robins

15 Manor Crescent, Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7AJ

01235 812338

St John's postcode for navigation purposes:
OX10 0EG

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A History

Before there was any Mass centre in Wallingford, a handful of Catholics would have attended Mass at either Dorchester to the north or Goring to the south.

In the autumn of 1924 the Catholic Community of Wallingford purchased an old Congregational chapel which had been built in the market place in 1799. Some years before it had ceased to be a place of worship, and had been used as a furniture store and bazaar. It was repaired, refurbished and re-opened as a Catholic Church in late 1924.

Eventually the need for larger accommodation proved a challenge. In 1958 it was decided to rebuild on the same site. While this work was going on, Mass was said in the Town Hall. The original chapel was demolished and the new and enlarged church was built.

Priests Serving Wallingford
  • James Doran (served from Abingdon) 1924-1934
  • James Campbell (served from Didcot) 1934-1937
  • Arthur Olney 1937-1947
  • Abraham Jacob 1947-1957
  • William J Kearney 1958-1970
  • John D Dwyer 1970-1989
  • Donal O’Brien 1989-2006
  • David O'Sullivan 2006 -