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Holy Rood Church

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01865 247986


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Our Parish Diary of Past Events

Maundy Thursday, 2016

The Chapel was prepared beautifully for adoration by the Brazilian community of the parish.

December 2013

Children enjoyed a craft workshop at North Hinksey's Reconciliation Service during Advent.

April 2012
Inaugural Recital of Holy Rood's New Organ

The inaugural recital of Holy Rood's new organ was given by Clive Driskill-Smith, Sub-organist of Christ Church Cathedral, on Friday 27 April.  The programme included music from Bach to Dupre.

The 'Foster-Carrington Organ' was built by Roy Foster, assisted by Derrick Carrington, over a period of ten years.  The instrument incorporates parts from 22 redundant organs.  A booklet called 'A Labour of Love: The tale of the making of the organ at Holy Rood Church, Oxford' is available from Hinksey Parish Office, price £2.

December 2011

The Holy Rood Children's Choir singing carols at the Carol Concert on
18th December.

Mary and child from the Nativity Tableau performed at the concert.

November 2011
Mass of Thanksgiving on the occasion of Bishop Crispian's retirement

Deacon Richard Budgen from North Hinksey was privileged to be asked to help celebrate Mass at Portsmouth Cathedral on 19th November.

 April 2011

Under the direction of Roy Foster, the organ builder, Hinksey parishioners clean and polish some of front pipes for the Great Organ which is nearing completion in the gallery of Holy Rood Church. The three-manual organ is being constructed from parts of twenty redundant organs from around the country.


December 2010

Children from Holy Rood took part in the Choir Carol Concert before Christmas.

March 2010
Mothering Sunday at North Hinksey

Children at Our Lady of the Rosary proudly display their Mothers' Day cards.


February 2010
Day of Prayer at Holy Rood

Holy Rood Church hosted a  Day of Prayer on the Feast of The Chair of St Peter for Anglicans discerning the way forward in response to Pope Benedict's invitation contained in 'Anglicanorum Coetibus'. The Day of Prayer was proposed by the Anglican Bishop Andrew Burnham, who lives in the parish, and was observed in many places all over the country. We began with Morning Prayer at 10am and ended with Evening Prayer and Benediction at 5.30pm; Mass was celebrated in the middle of the day, and a Watch of Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament was maintained throughout the day. The photograph was taken during the watch of prayer. 

December 2009

October 2009

May 2009

Birthday Celebration

Parishioners at Holy Rood enjoy a birthday celebration lunch after Mass on the Feast of the Ascension.

February 2009

North Hinksey -  Bishop Crispian enrolls Altar Servers into the Guild of St Stephen

North Hinksey - Our Dear Bishop Crispian enrolls Altar Servers in the Guild of St Stephen

On the occasion of his visitation, Bishop Crispian was principal celebrant and preached at 9.15 Mass. He also enrolled our altar servers in the Guild of St Stephen.

Hinksey Parish Pastoral Council meets the Bishop After 11.15 Mass, members of the Parish Pastoral Council met Bishop Crispian over lunch. There was opportunity to discuss various matters connected with both Parish and Pastoral Area.

Hinksey Parish Pastoral Council



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