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Key Contacts

Father Stan Gibzinski

The Chapel of St Thomas More
Grace Dieu
Foxcombe Road
Boars Hill

Telephone: 01865 247986



Hospital Chaplains
Advice about going into hospital



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The Church of St Thomas More is one of the four Churches within the Parish of North Hinksey. If you need further information, help, or want to join the Parish, please contact us using the details below.

St Thomas More

Grace Dieu, Foxcombe Road, Boars Hill, Oxford


North Hinksey Parish Office

Holy Rood Lodge
Folly Bridge
Abingdon Road
North Hinksey

Telephone 01865 247986
Fax 01865 247986

Key Contacts

Parish Priest

Father Stan Gibzinski

  01865 437066

Parish Secretary

Richard Pickett 01865 247986

 Click here for the Holy Rood & Hinksey Parish Directory - Where you will find the contact details of others who can help you.

 Click here for the Thames Isis Pastoral Area Directory.

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0845 8 505505
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Hospital Chaplains
Advice about going into hospital
If you wish for prayers or a mass to be said please contact Father Paul.