Information for Family & Friends

Mutual Sharing and Supporting the development of a person’s Vocation

A Mother asks “My son has spoken about a vocation. I see his love for Christ and the church. To see the joy on his face when he speaks about it, is truly wonderful. So why do I suddenly feel so frightened of it? I think the "letting go" is more difficult than I thought.”

It can sometimes be a lonely journey for those who are trying to discover what God is calling them to do. Those who are searching will value the support of family and friends; but they too will have questions and concerns.

What will I experience?
It’s important to name any anxieties we might have and wherever possible to talk them through with someone. As a person who thinks or feels that God is calling them I have my concerns including:
  • How can I explain that the results of my discernment are not what others might expect?
  • Will my family and friends think I’m a little mad?
  • This is very strange and a little unnerving for me to do…
  • Am I good enough?
  • Do they love me?
  • Is this fair on my family and/or spouse?
  • There are others more worthy - perhaps I should back out…
  • God please help me!
What will my family and friends experience?
Those around me, who care for me, might be experiencing a mixture of anxiety, lack of knowledge and wariness of change about what is happening. This might be different for a brother, sister or friend who may not be so intimately close as a mother or father but each of them may have genuine questions and concerns depending upon their relationship to me and their own background:
  • Does he/she know what they are doing?
  • Do I know what they are doing?
  • What is a ‘vocation’? What’s ‘discernment’? – this is all strange language!
  • Will I “lose” the real child/sibling/friend I know and love?
  • Am I allowed / is it harmful to challenge what they are doing?
  • What does a Priest, Deacon, Monk, Nun, Catechist, Eucharistic Minister (etc.) do?
  • Is this the right person for them to be marrying?
  • OK, so they are ‘up for it’ but how can we help?

We all react in different ways to change and changes that may be happening to our loved ones. The important thing as part of your love or affection try to understand what the person is going through and where they may be headed.

This section attempts to help family and friends of those who are been called to a vocation.

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