How can I help to support Vocations?

There is no doubt that whoever we are, prayer for vocations should be the first way we can all help - please see the 'Prayers for Vocations' option.

Apart from prayer, sensitive support can be offered passively or actively if we know someone who may be trying to respond to God's calling. Maybe our care comes as family member or a friend or a parishioner or even as a total stranger but fellow Christian. Information on each vocation is available in the 'Vocations Explained' section – this might help us to understand a little what the person we care for is thinking/feeling.

Those who have the same vocation can help and support each other.

Financial help for vocations is needed and in Portsmouth Diocese we welcome donations through the Vocations Sunday Collection and also the Living Our Faith campaign.

IF YOU FEEL THE URGE TO HELP, also listen in case God is calling YOU!

If you wish to know more about supporting vocations in the Portsmouth Diocese please feel free to ring Father Mark Hogan on 01256 323595 or click here to email.