Called to Baptism

Welcome to Called to Baptism

PathwaysThe purpose here is to help further understanding of baptism into the Catholic Church for those adults who may feel they are being called.  We also aim to offer support for their families, friends and those who care for them or have an interest in supporting those adults preparing for baptism.

Here you can:

  • Understand the meaning of Baptism & the difference between baptism and christening
  • Discern if baptism is for you – actually it will be God calling you if you can discover His call
  • Learn how to Offer oneself to God through baptism
  • Find out more about the personal preparation required
  •  Learn about how we celebrate this wonderful calling in the baptism itself
  • Find out who can help
  • Take the first step

Your first step could be to contact your nearest Catholic parish priest for an informal discussion  - click here

Also available are some answers to or reflections on questions such as:

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