Living a Christian Life

Welcome to Living a Christian Life

PathwaysThe purpose here is to help those who are already baptised but may be asking themselves: “what do I need to do to make sure I’m living a good Christian life?” In other words, “am I responding adequately to God’s invitation through my baptism to love and serve Him?” It also aims to help you reflect on the belief that as Catholics whatever situation you are in now, however unsatisfactory it seems, you already have a vocation. You might be working, studying, travelling, unemployed, or caring for someone at home; you might be very content, or utterly miserable; full of hope, or close to despair. Whatever your situation, you can trust that God is with you, and that he calls you to be holy in this very situation. Things may well change – and perhaps they need to. But at this moment you must have the confidence to believe that even now there is a meaning and a purpose to your life;

In this section you can:

  • Explore further what it might mean to be living a good Christian life
  • Re- affirm that you already have a vocation as a Christian
  • Further discern your vocation
  • Consider if there is more
  • Continue personal renewal
  • Find who can help Plan the next step

We hope these words help and we plan to develop this section further soon but if you have any immediate concerns or question please contact your parish priest or click here.

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