Christian Life » Offering Myself

PathwaysBy this time you may have already travelled a difficult and challenging road or it may have been clear what you need to do further to lead a Christian life. But there may have also been doubts, fears and uncertainty - you have questioned yourself and others about whether you:

  • do you really know that God loves you and has called you by name?
  • want to respond generously to that call.
  • are ready to take further steps to live a Christian life

Still if the call is there then you may be ready now to offer yourself to God through this vocation, now is the time to prepare to be ready to undertake this commitment.

It is suggested that you approach a priest or another person of faith who is known and trusted and ask them to help see the Lord’s hand at work in your life and to recognise the way in which He is guiding and calling you.

They will be able to help you decide the next step.

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