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Mutual Sharing and Supporting the development of a Vocation to consecrated life  

The life of a missionary sister, a Carthusian hermit, an enclosed nun, or a teaching friar are vastly different, and the particular pull towards each way of life will be very different.   A Mother asks “My son has spoken about a vocation. I see his love for Christ and the church. To see the joy on his face when he speaks about it, is truly wonderful. So why do I suddenly feel so frightened of it? I think the "letting go" is more difficult than I thought.”   It can sometimes be a lonely journey for those who are trying to discover what God is calling them to do and the subsequent and path through life. Those who are searching will value the support of family and friends; but these too will have questions and concerns.   We all react in different ways to change and changes that may be happening to our loved ones. The important thing is to try to understand what the person is going through and where they may be headed.

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What will I experience
What will I experience approaching a vocation to consecrated life?

Firstly, you will discover that although the ultimate relationship is between you and God you are not and need not be, alone. There are others who, like you, are also discerning their vocation; trying to discover if they are being called to the Priesthood.

Also, there religious themselves who have trodden their path of discernment and strive to fulfil their vocation as brothers, nuns, hermits. Many of these will be ready and willing to share their experiences with you and to support you as best they can.

There are similarities with the processes and educational structures associated with entering a profession for life that will take some years. However, the path to priesthood cannot be merely about “passing exams”. Discernment underpins the process and this means that there will be times of joy and times of struggle as we let go and hand ourselves, often cautiously, over to the God who is always faithful to us and who longs for our fulfilment and flourishing.

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What will my family and friends experience?

The natural instinct to protect the one you love or care for is always present.

  • This will bring so many questions and emotions:
  • I am still ‘me’ so I hope people realise that I have fears and doubts too
  • Do I realise what I am doing? am I good enough?
  • Is this feeling of joy to be expected?
  • How will my family and friends react – they mean so much to me

For some, there can be a sense that if a loved one enters consecrated life then you are losing them. In a sense this is true but, if priesthood is God’s calling for that person, then this is what will make them come truly alive and you and they will gain so much more. Sometimes our fears can come from a lack of knowledge and information about the consecrated life; this section is here to help so please explore the steps that may lead to consecrated life.

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