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Mutual Sharing and Supporting the development of a Vocation to the Permanent Diaconate

Doing something different and so public like the Permanent  Diaconate takes courage and so it can sometimes be a lonely journey for those who are trying to discover what God is calling them to do and the subsequent and path through life. Those who are searching will value the support of family and friends; but they too will have questions and concerns.

We all react in different ways to change and changes that may be happening to our loved ones. The important thing is to try to understand what the person is going through and where they may be headed.

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What will I experience
What will I experience approaching a vocation to the Diaconate? 

How will being a deacon affect my ‘day job?’

Who can help Me?
First that although the ultimate relationship is between you and God you are not and need not be, alone. There are others also discerning to discover if they are being called to the Diaconate.

Who has been there?
There are serving Deacons themselves who have trodden their path of discernment and strive to fulfil their vocation in the Permanent Diaconate – they can help.

There are similarities with the processes and educational structures associated with entering a profession for life that will take some years. However discernment underpins and tests throughout – not to try and put candidates off but because a vocation goes beyond the attainment of knowledge and qualifications.

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What will my family and friends experience?
The natural instinct to protect the one you love or care for is ever thus.

 As a wife: “I thought he was happy with his career, so why this?”

“ I have a family and/or a career - do wives have to get involved – how much time?”

As  friend: “will he change? – still able to have our weekly pint?”

However there can be a sense that if a person enters the diaconate you are somehow loosing them – better maybe, different , yes but our fears are a combination of well-intended concern but often also a lack of knowledge and information about the diaconate; this section is here to help so please explore the steps that may lead to priesthood.

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