I Don't Know

PathwaysIf you’re not sure what your vocation is or where you are in life then hopefully this website will help you to start exploring that vocation.

Have a good look around the website and see if any of this makes sense. Engage in some of the prayers or meditations. Most of all, take time to be still and simply to “Ask the Lord what He has in mind for you”. He will most certainly answer; not necessarily straight away but in the days and weeks ahead, if you are attentive to his voice, speaking through some word or action or gesture or thought which resonates at the very core of your being.

If you’re feeling confident enough, take the time to contact your local Catholic priest and ask for an appointment with them. Just tell them that you are not sure what it is that God is calling you to and that you would appreciate someone to listen, to offer some advice and to pray with you. Simply opening up your heart in this way will give the lord the opportunity to speak to you, heart speaking unto heart.

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