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When someone plans to marry and so change their life it causes mixed feelings within themselves and happiness, sometimes tinged with apprehension amongst their loved ones. Everyone want to be positive but prejudice and other factors can also simmer or surface to cause tension.  

What will I experience
Am I ready for such a commitment?

Do I really love her/him?

What if one of us is not a Catholic?

Will he or she be happy for the children to be Catholics?

How will the family react to the fact that he/she is not of the same race?

Will Mum/Dad/Sister/Bother be alright once I am married?

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What will my family and friends experience?
I am happy but sad to finally lose my son/daughter/brother/sister

Can they really marry if one of them is not a Catholic?

What about the Church’s view on birth control?

Does he/she understand that Catholic marriage is for life?

Can they really marry when they are living together and have children?

What about me when he/she has left home?

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