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PathwaysThis is the celebration of God’s calling in a formal way. This is usually marked with a sacramental celebration and is a time of great joy for those with a vocation and for the whole Church. 

The path is far from complete and it will take me on many ups and downs, leading towards the cross of Christ. But this same Christ is always the companion on the journey until we encounter the face of Jesus and He leads deeper into the “past-all-graspness of the pathless God” (Fr Karl Rahner)

If it is God’s will for your life, and if you are open to that will, then the moment will arrive when the diocese will celebrate your ordination to the priesthood. This is a day of great joy and jubilation. The whole Church rejoices in having another labourer to work in the Lord’s harvest.
Prayer on the Eve of Ordination

“The bishop will lay his hands on me. And then, still silent, he will take them from my head. But Your hand, O my God, will still remain upon me.

Your hands will remain upon me.

The hands of the Omnipotent, gentler than a mother's hands…

And finally the bishop will take my hands in his hands, and I shall promise the Church obedience and loyalty: exacting and unwavering obedience, selfless obedience, obedience in which a man forgets his life in work that matters more than he does . . . Behold, I lay my hands in Your hands, my God. So take my hands and lead me: through joy and grief, through honour and disgrace, in labour and anguish, in my ordinary life and at great moments, in the holy stillness of Your house but also on the long, dusty roads of the world. Lead me today and always, lead me into the kingdom of Your eternal life.”
Excerpt from Karl Rahner, Prayer on the Eve of Ordination

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