Called to Return to the Church » Confirming my Personal Discernment

PathwaysUntil now discerning returning to the church may well have been quite private and may not go any further. However if the call is strong and persistent then the next step can be to ask the Church to help in your discernment.

It is suggested that you approach a priest or another person of Catholic faith who is known and trusted and ask them to help see the Lord’s hand at work in your life and to recognise the way in which He is guiding and calling you.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the process given to us by the Church to initiate adults and older children into Christianity as it is lived in the Roman Catholic tradition. In many parishes, this is also the space where people discerning their return to the church can do so in the company of others who are learning more about the Church and her teachings, whilst looking to deepen their relationship with Christ. RCIA is a faith exploration and sharing group, which meets on a regular basis, usually weekly, to support and inform interested adult “enquirers”. Often, people are welcome to come to these sessions without making any sort of commitment.

After 40 years away from the church, Lorraine shares her experience of returning. Click here

To find out if your nearest RCIA is appropriate for you or if there is some better way for you to be supported locally in your discernment, please contact your nearest Catholic parish priest or Catholic parish, click here .

Also you could explore KIT 4 Catholics, a programme in Portsmouth Diocese to reach out to, welcome and keep in touch with all local Catholics, whether or not they go to church.

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