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PathwaysDiscerning any vocation is very personal and often begins with a seemingly private process. This may seem even more so when discerning whether or not to return to the church, depending on the reasons you have for not considering yourself part of the church now. For example, your departure may have been a gradual drift away or as a result of some hurt which you felt was caused by the church.

Be reassured, though, that God certainly would not have left you, even if you could not feel the grace of his presence. Pray with confidence and He will hear you:

Prayer for vocations to Return to the Church

Lord, let us be encouraged by the parable of the returning prodigal son.

Help us to realise that ours is a forgiving and loving God.

When we are lost or have strayed away, help us to know that He is always close.

Help us to remember that our hurt can be healed by welcoming love.

Let us not be held back by anger, envy or resentment.

Give us the courage to begin the next part of our journey of faith,

Which is always a journey towards the tender compassion at the heart of our God.


As said discerning your return to the church can be most personal but if you feel that you are ready to share your thoughts and concerns, please contact your nearest parish priest or you could explore KIT 4 Catholics, a programme in Portsmouth Diocese to reach out to, welcome and keep in touch with all local Catholics, whether or not they go to church.


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