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PathwaysYou are always welcome in the Church

Each of us has a unique part to play in the building up of God’s Kingdom; each of us is a different part of Christ’s body. Your contribution is very valuable. So are your God-given gifts, and we are incomplete without them. We not only want you to know that you are welcome; we want to try and help you to experience that welcome in our community.

Some of the many reasons why people stop going to church

“I never really started; I was baptised and made my first Holy Communion, but no-one in my family went at other times.”

“I stopped going to Mass in my teenage years because it seemed boring or irrelevant.”    ”My marriage broke up and I am now in a new relationship.”

“I had an abortion, so I thought I would never be welcomed back to the Catholic Church”

Space for everyone

No matter why you left the Church, there is always a space for you. The return might bring immediate joy or it might be a painful process, with much healing required. Whatever your circumstances, we would like to try our best to help you take the next step forward on the journey. We believe that there is no greater joy than to know the person of Jesus Christ through his body, the Church.

Testimonials from those who are returning:

"I have been given the opportunity to review my own understanding of my belief in God and to re-affirm it"

"I was on the outside looking in, having turned my back on Catholicism  .... I have found that God's unconditional love has no bounds"

fter 40 years away from the church, Lorraine shares her experience of returning. Click here

If you have any immediate concerns or questions please contact your parish priest or click here.  

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