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A decision to return, or even to begin thinking about a return, to the Church, perhaps after a long time away, can be a courageous one. It is also one which inevitably requires us to be open to change.

Whenever we enter into a new relationship, we cannot help but be changed by this. To begin a process of returning to the Church is to make ourselves vulnerable to the healing power of God’s love.

Whether we are involved in this process ourselves, or watching a loved one, it can be unnerving if we do not know where this change will take us or them. But, if it is of God, then the changes will be for the better and it is good for us to be able to trust in God’s love.

It is also good to know that some (or all!) of the following are ‘normal’ responses:

What will I experience
I am still ‘me’ so I hope people realise that

I have fears and doubts about rejoining the church

Do I realise what I am doing?

Is this feeling of joy to be expected?

I now know that my baptism meant I had never really left

What about my mistakes – am I good enough to be a Catholic?

How will my family and friends react – they mean so much to me?

What will my family and friends experience?
Something is happening and I don’t know or understand what it is

He/she seems to be changing

Why is he/she talking about the church so much – they did not used to

Why is he/she going to go all holy on me?

I am so excited that he/she are more open to the church and of course God’s love

Maybe I should think about returning too!

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